Robert Gordon’s College

The Archive, Robert Gordon’s College, Schoolhill, Aberdeen AB10 1FE

(01224) 646346

A purpose built Archive was created during the refurbishment of the College Library in 2000. It houses written records, photographs and memorabilia covering the history of Robert Gordon, the Hospital, the College, the buildings and the pupils.  A history of the College can be found here.

Access is limited, and is by appointment only.  For all enquiries, please contact Penny Hartley using the contact details above.

Of interest to family historians are the items which record information about the pupils who have attended over the years. The amount of detail to be found in the records varies at different periods but it should always be possible to trace a particular pupil who attended the Hospital or College.

The collection includes:

  • Entrance Registers 1750 to 1988 – a list of all pupils. After this time the information is stored on computer.
  • Leavers’ Registers 1933 to 1990
  • Attendance Registers 1901-2 to 1985-6
  • Marks Books 1884-5 to 1972-3
  • Enrolment forms 1900-1 to 1909-10
  • Applications for bursaries 1887-8, 1903-07
  • Gordonian magazine – a complete set from 1908 to date
  • Governors’ Minutes – 1731 to 1881 handwritten, 1881 to 1981 printed and bound
  • Photographs – over 1300 pictures of form classes, sports teams, events etc. There is not a complete coverage of all groups and years as the collection is made up of donations. Researchers should also note that not all pupils on photographs are named.